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A Silent Child: Growing up with Selective Mutism

October is Selective Mutism Awareness Month. I’m sharing my experience as part of a series of posts on travelling with anxiety.   A Silent Child “She doesn’t speak in class.” That’s how my ten-year-old classmates explained it. Not “she can’t speak”, not “she won’t speak”, just a matter-of-fact behavioural observation, uttered in a non-judgemental chorusContinue Reading “A Silent Child: Growing up with Selective Mutism”

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Welcome to WanderingWounded.com!

Welcome to WanderingWounded.com, a resource for independent travel! What’s it all about, Alfie? First of all, my name isn’t Alfie. I’m KB, and you can check out my bio on the right, or at the bottom of this post. My mother has also been roped into this project and is currently looking up the GenevaContinue Reading “Welcome to WanderingWounded.com!”