Social Media Round-up

Excuse the purely business aspect, and the silent research period! I've established a few different ways to get updates, and each is unique in its purpose so I won't be duplicating content, even if there are a few links here and there. The exception is Bloglovin', which was new to me but after a couple … Continue reading Social Media Round-up


Negotiating Accommodation Accessibility

Looking at accommodation has been encouraging for one of the more challenging trips, the Himalayan adventure! Much more we can work with than initial research suggested - there may not be much choice but we should be able to string together a very workable route without compromising our needs. That said, it can be SO … Continue reading Negotiating Accommodation Accessibility

Answering the Big Questions #3: What’s the Project?

It's about me, my equally limpy mother and occasional guest travellers striking out into the unknown. Travelling with a disability is possible for many people, and the costs and benefits need to be assessed by the individual in accordance with our own needs. Sometimes it sounds like there's a one-size-fits-all attitude to disability in the … Continue reading Answering the Big Questions #3: What’s the Project?