A few words about how we want to explore the world of the disabled independent traveller:

A. The things we are often told are perfect holidays; safe and well-tested territory for travellers with special access needs.
1. Does the advice reflect diversity in disability?
2. Is it actually as easy as it’s supposed to be?
3. Is it a satisfying way to travel if you’re used to independent exploration?
4. Can we make it more satisfying where there are shortcomings?

B. The classic travel experiences that are bucket list items for lots of travellers but seem unattainable.
1. Why do these trips seem impossible? Which bits are insurmountable?
2. What is the essence of the experience? What do people get out of it?
3. Are there alternative routes or activities that would allow us to capture something of the experience?

For each of these
– we can only represent our own physical needs but we want to consider how people with various needs would cope or adapt
– we want to keep costs as close to a similar trip for able-bodied travellers, and certainly not well out of reach of the average person in our situation
– we plan to talk to local organisations and individuals to learn about disability around the world and how other people cope with their situation in context

And we don’t want to be boring! As much as we want to learn stuff, this is supposed to be about how to have an adventure!