We are planning several expeditions to different parts of the world. As travellers with disabilities, there are a few types of travel that seem out of reach, and some that we’re always being told would be perfect. We want to see how we can capture something of the quintessential travel experiences that we can’t have in the traditional sense by thinking creatively, and we want to see if the supposedly easy options live up to their promise, both as straightforward for access and as satisfying travel experiences. We hope to exceed expectations by the former and challenge our own snobbish prejudices by the latter!

It’s about me, my equally limpy mother and occasional guest travellers striking out into the unknown. Travelling with a disability is possible for many people, and the costs and benefits need to be assessed by the individual in accordance with our own needs. Sometimes it sounds like there’s a one-size-fits-all attitude to disability in the travel industry. The advice given needs to go beyond “no wheelchair access in this hotel”. As independent travellers we want the info so we can do our best to work through some of the obstacles. We want to find the most adventurous things we can do safely and find out how the safe things can be adventurous. Our expeditions as people with variable disabilities will, we hope, show that sometimes problems don’t always lead to roadblocks. Sometimes they just require a detour.