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VISIT: V&A Dundee – Dundee’s NEW Museum of Design

V&A Dundee is a veritable feast for those who love Scotland, design – and triangles. My City The V&A Dundee is an exciting new addition to a city that I have called home for just a couple of years. My mother is Dundonian, so from my earliest years, I spent a fair amount of timeContinue Reading “VISIT: V&A Dundee – Dundee’s NEW Museum of Design”

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11 Top Travel Books to Inspire Your Wanderlust!

This post contains affiliate links. See disclaimers for more. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I love books and travel. Travel books? Heaven. I always wanted to be an artistic novelist type, scribbling away on a cafe table on a city street and dreaming profound thoughts. Most of my favourite books areContinue Reading “11 Top Travel Books to Inspire Your Wanderlust!”

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Spoilers! Looking Ahead…

Post series still to come on First World War Battlefields, including: Visiting the Western Front in France Visiting the Western Front in Belgium More than 30 site guides from the Great War battlefields of France and Belgium Travel and anxiety, including: How to plan to minimise anxiety How to cope on the road SuccessfulContinue Reading “Spoilers! Looking Ahead…”