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VISIT: Arras City Centre, Arras Memorial and Cemetery

  Arras City Centre The beautiful mediaeval town of Arras has not one but two gorgeous, Flemish-style central squares. It has the traditional cloth hall and belfry in Place des Heros. If you’re feeling limber and sound of knee, you could always climb the belfry. Since I’m not made of knees, I declined. Just around theContinue Reading “VISIT: Arras City Centre, Arras Memorial and Cemetery”

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FREEBIE: Ultimate Travel Planning Package

The Ultimate Travel Planning Package? Have I got a gift for you! Well, yes I do. When you join the mailing list, you’ll receive a bumper pack of travel planning goodies. Here you can sign up and find the ultimate packing checklist and so much more to play with. For peace of mind, print andContinue Reading “FREEBIE: Ultimate Travel Planning Package”

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Spoilers! Looking Ahead…

Post series still to come on First World War Battlefields, including: Visiting the Western Front in France Visiting the Western Front in Belgium More than 30 site guides from the Great War battlefields of France and Belgium Travel and anxiety, including: How to plan to minimise anxiety How to cope on the road SuccessfulContinue Reading “Spoilers! Looking Ahead…”

Attraction Reviews Europe France Great War North Eastern France Places Reviews

VISIT: Lichfield Crater Cemetery

Lichfield Crater Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery. As such, even though it is small, the site is beautifully tended with a pristine lawn. It was an ad hoc burial site during the war, with the number of burials sufficient to ensure that they were left in situ and the crater became anContinue Reading “VISIT: Lichfield Crater Cemetery”