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Book Sources

Audible believe in the power of voice to bring stories, ideas and characters to life. Audible has an extensive catalogue, with over 200,000 titles for millions of listeners to enjoy. Apart from being a great accessible source for many, I love audiobooks for journeys. Hearing the author read a book can be a real enhancement. Many times I’ve listened to audiobooks while resting my eyes (i.e. trying and failing to sleep) on a long flight, and I usually listen to audiobooks while driving. Not only that, but they have a lot of free shows too including comedy and interesting facts. Their free trial is a fantastic way to find out if it works for you!

30-day free trial with Audible

T&Cs: Enjoy 30 days free, then you pay £7.99 per month. Cancel anytime.

Lonely Planet. For nearly 40 years Lonely Planet has been the leader in travel guide book publishing, renowned for its first-hand approach and commitment to providing the best information for travelers. Not only has LP got better and better over the years, they are definitely the best when it comes to a commitment to accessible travel with some dedicated guidebooks for disabled travellers. You can even buy individual chapters for download, a great deal if you are travelling to a region. As well as guidebooks to cities, countries and regions, they sell phrasebooks, memoirs, maps and guides to travel styles, such as volunteering, with a growing series for adventurous kids.


Ordnance Survey Shop offers printed and digital mapping that is used by walkers, runners, cyclists, horse riders, climbers and everyone that enjoys discovering the Great British outdoors. You’d be lost without them! (ha ha) On recent trips into the West of Scotland, the Ordnance Survey was far more useful than usual road maps once we were well away from main roads. They are available in a variety of formats.

Language Learning

italki is a global language learning community that connects students and teachers for 1-on-1 online language lessons. They have over 5 million students and 10,000 high-quality teachers teaching more than 130 languages. You can arrange practice and lessons to suit your level, pace and comfort. Highly recommended!
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Rosetta Stone UK is the world’s #1 language learning software acclaimed for its success in helping millions of people learn a new language through easy-to-use software programs. I’ll be honest; it’s not the cheapest option. But for painless practice it’s fabulous and can be customised. And they now offer subscription options which works out cheaper over shorter periods if you’re looking for an intense start. I used it this way for Portuguese and found it really helpful.

Successful, enjoyable language learning with Rosetta Stone. Award winning language learning software