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Spoilers! Looking Ahead…

Post series still to come on WanderingWounded.com: First World War Battlefields, including: Visiting the Western Front in France Visiting the Western Front in Belgium More than 30 site guides from the Great War battlefields of France and Belgium Travel and anxiety, including: How to plan to minimise anxiety How to cope on the road SuccessfulContinue Reading “Spoilers! Looking Ahead…”

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VISIT: Somme American Cemetery

The Somme American Cemetery lies close to Bony, near the Aisne. It is one of the largest collections of American burials in France. It has a memorial chapel and a monumental flagpole along with over 1800 burials, marked by white marble crosses and other religious symbols. In the chapel the names of the missing lineContinue Reading “VISIT: Somme American Cemetery”


Expect the Unexpected: A Travel Project and My Mother

Amid all the other writing, I’m working on a book proposal. That really doesn’t fully explain the picture of the yak, does it? It’s about me, my equally limpy mother and occasional guest travellers striking out into the unknown. Travelling with a disability is possible for many people, and the costs and benefits need toContinue Reading “Expect the Unexpected: A Travel Project and My Mother”

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Welcome to WanderingWounded.com!

Welcome to WanderingWounded.com, a resource for independent travel! What’s it all about, Alfie? First of all, my name isn’t Alfie. I’m KB, and you can check out my bio on the right, or at the bottom of this post. My mother has also been roped into this project and is currently looking up the GenevaContinue Reading “Welcome to WanderingWounded.com!”